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Default Re: Hawaiian Print Shirts - does your man wear them?

Originally Posted by LisaK
Does he buy the cheepie ones on the islands and wear them for Caribbean/Deck Party night?
Or does he have a nice good quality Tommy Bahama?
My hubby has several of the Tommy Bahama ones but we always get them on clearance the end of summer or occasionially I will find one at Ross-so he has nice ones-the last one I bought was silk back in the fall from Parisian-orginally over $50 and I bought it for $15!

He did have a couple of cheapie ones also. I donated them to the local thrift shop as he had much nicer ones and did not need those anymore.

Normally he does not wear his to dinner unless it is "Island night" and we are told to dress "tropicial". He wears them with his shorts in the daytime.
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