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Paul and Mike, I just tried going through the Homesite, clicking on the drop down menu, clicked on Chit-Chat and it worked perfectly for me. I then closed down and started over using the traditional method. It didn't work but when I just went back to the drop down, it worked like a charm yet again.

Somehow it appears (if such is possible as I know absolutely nothing, nada, zilch about computers) to me at least as a particular problem is in some way regional depending upon where in the country you reside, i.e.: I have no problem when I click on my "Favorites" then click on the last post under any particular thread but if I try to enter directly without doing that, it will let me into Chit-Chat but still won't let me on individual threads less I use the method above described that is now my back up.

Don't know if this helps "the powers that be" in any way, but if corporate had any colletive common sense, they'd return all control of the website to you and Mike and whomever as while problems will still occur, they are solved by you'uns in short order.
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