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Default Azamara price changes - refund demanded

Many of us booked a Europe 2013 Azamara cruise with the understanding, as written in their literature and online, that Azamara offers 50% off land tours to those passengers who book the tours online at least 4 months prior to their cruise date. The announcement also states that after the Spring of 2013, Azamara is discontinuing it's 50% discount. Amamara is unwilling to 'grandfather in' those of us who booked expecting the discount. I think it's unfair and I'm concerned that if Azamara does this, they're will chip away at other benefits as well. I've also learned that Azamara attempted to do a similar switch in 2011 but backed off after an uproar from passengers. In that case, they did not allow bookings for tours more than 4 months in advance and then, when tours were finally made available, discounts were denied as passengers were told they were too late! The Azamara cruise experience itself is wonderful but I regard their marketing process as somewhat seedy for the reasons I've listed.
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