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Originally Posted by katluc View Post
When leaving the cruise in Vancouver, is it possible to make an 11:00 A.M. flight? I know the drive is long from the terminal.

Possible? Yes.

This is about the earliest I would even think of booking a flight out of Vancouver. Make sure you go to Guest Relations when you are on board and inform them you have an early flight and need to be one of the first people off the ship. If there is a self disembarkation option then do that.

If the ship is late getting into Vancouver or there is a problem with customs and Immigration than you will not make the flight. You are taking a gamble.

Once off the ship get a cab to the airport. Do not do a cruise line transfer. With a transfer you will need to wait until the bus is full before you leave.

If there is a later flight then take that one, otherwise prepare for a hectic morning.

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