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Default I'd like to go to Canada...

but I do not believe I can go untill I have been cleared bt the Canadian government.

When I was a young man, I got myself into a little trouble. I am not a felon but CA has some restrictions that concern me.
I have two misdamenor charges one is a 13+ year old DUI and the other is a discharging a weapon on the beach which is even older.

My own government has not held these old charges against me. I am in fact a firearms dealer and have to maintain a very clean record or risk loosing my license. I am afraid if I travel to CA I may be turned around at the border checkpoint (airport). I won't even check the ticket price untill I know I am cleared.

I want to make sure I have this behind me but I cannot seem to get the CA consolate to acknowledge my emails requests for information.

I really only want to cruise out of Vancouver.

Would any of our Canadian members have any sugestions?
Any Americans here ever need to get a pass from the Canadian gonvernment?


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