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Default Cruise Packing Puzzle

It has been officially decided that after the Cruisemates Carnival Breeze Mediterranean Cruise we will be spending an extended time in Europe.

We will be visiting friends and family in Poland, Germany, France and England. We will be gone for almost two months.

The problem we have is the amount of luggage we will have to schlep from place to place. I think I am going to take advantage of Carnival's relaxed dress code and leave the sport jacket/suit at home and pack more clothing that I will wear on our travels rather than what I would normally wear on the cruise ship. I.E. less shorts and t shirts. Or I may wear my sport jacket on the flights and see how things work.

If anyone has some good suggestions for lessening our load I'd like to hear them. I must have my laptop but want to travel with no more than one 28" suitcase and two carry-on bags for the two of us.

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