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Veendam at Sea Cont’d
If you’re reading along with me on this cruise, just a reminder to be easy on me as I am writing this on the fly, and mostly late in the night, and posting it unedited. So, please excuse the grammatical errors, typos and even misspelling which in evidently occur during the process.
Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming…

The Veendam Lido Deck buffet is still set up in continuing cafeteria style buffet lines, as opposed to the newer ships, many of which feature separated “action station” style separated individual serving stations. I’d made a mental note yesterday, the all the buffet lines required staff serve the food, as opposed to passengers helping themselves. In fact the front of the buffet line, where one would normally help themselves is covered by long lengths of film wrap. I imagine this was done to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal illnesses (such as Noro-virus). When I went to the buffet for breakfast this morning, the same system was still in place. This even included the areas where coffee and tea is normally accessible. One had to wait in line for the staff to serve coffee. This did make getting a cup of coffee a rather long process, and had to be repeated to get a refill. I noticed a waiter, attempting to get a coffee refill for a guest, but the staff working the coffee station told him he had to get in line with the other passengers waiting.

I can understand the preventative move in establishing the system, but it frankly doesn’t make for very efficient service, nor does it make very good use of the time of the crew involved.

Last night at dinner we had an interesting discussion at our table about Internet cruise sources, web sites, and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Within the context of that discussion, Erik Elvejord, the Director of Public Relations for Holland America, and our host on this trip, told me he recently discovered that CruiseMates was Holland America’s # 1 source on “the net” for “click-throughs”, which means many of the members of the CruiseMates community do click on HAL’s advertising on CruiseMates seeking more information about Holland America cruises. So, thanks to all the members and readers at CruiseMates for helping make us #1 with Holland America!

I've finally wised-up to the fact that wifi in the cabins is hit and miss. Whereas in public rooms it's very good. So while I write in my cabin most nights, once I head to a public room I should be able to get these reports out in a timely matter.

Heck, it only took me a day to "settle in" I do get smarter eventually
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