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Hi Toots,
Leave it to you to practically blow into NYC,and then out to sea...We sure did have a blustery cold weekend here,and I am glad you will see some warmth soon, in Bermuda.

Bruce would have ordered a prime rib, right along with you,and ate it with gusto....glad your 1st dining experience started off on a good note..

Back in 98, when you guys sailed on the Veendam,and I stayed in FLL. Robi was able to get me a tour on the ship...I remember some "secret" cabins up on the suite level. The were inside, and humongus..the crew member showing us around, said they were not handicapped, just BIGGER! Maybe you can find out, so some Cruisemates can take advantage of the extra space..

Looking forward to your next chapter..enjoy!

Trip, with her book & tea!
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