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Veendam - Continued
To start, I want to backtrack just a bit to last night because I have to mention how excellent our dinner was. For some reason the first night of every cruise is a bit chaotic in the dining room. As a wise friend once said, and I’ve since stolen it as my own…. “ it’s our first night, not the ship’s, so there’s really no excuse for chaos”. Our group had a reservation in the Anytime Dining room, and though I knew the table numbers, I entered the dining room from the lower level, which is for everyone using the anytime dining. I wanted to get a peek at the system in operation, to observe it for just a few minutes.
There were two lines; one for those with reservations, another for walk-ins. It was just prior to 8 P.M. There were a couple of groups who appeared to be waiting to be seated, and a line perhaps 3 or 4 deep of others waiting to be seated, but other than overhearing a gripe or two, things to be proceeding fairly efficiently.
I ordered a fruit medley to start, a seasonal salad, and Prime Rib for my entrée, and I was completely satisfied with each course. I’m not a huge fan of Prime Rid because it can often be quite fatty, but I felt tonight’s was as good as I’ve had on any ship. I somehow managed to squeeze in a piece of excellent apple strudel accompanied by a very good cup of coffee.
I’m admittedly not a gourmand, but I know what I enjoy, and I very much enjoyed tonight’s dinner. Always nice to begin a cruise with a satisfying meal, with little drama.
Through lively conversation, we’d overstayed our welcome in the dining room, and it was late to attend the first night’s show, so I walked the public areas a bit. The casino appeared quite busy for a first night. It is smaller than I recall from our previous sailing, possibly because of the newly added Mix Lounges area nearby. I’ll have to check to see if the casino size was indeed reduced.
Our clocks were going forward, meaning an hour of missed sleep, so I didn’t stop to play a bit of Blackjack, as I’m want to do. Devoted writer that I am, I returned to the cabin to write for you. A few hairs pulled out of my head over connection times, and the signal for ESPN fading in and out, but I did get the first report sent before retiring for the night.
My cabin steward had brought me the coolest ashtray for my cabin (so I could exercise my filthy habit). Today, I suppose it would be considered “Art Deco”, but I bet it comes from very old stock, hidden it the depths of the bowels of the ship somewhere. If you remember the type, it’s deep, and has a spining-top set of plates on it. It looks like a Spinning Tip I’d played with as a child. Now it’s “antique”; a dangerous endangered species, that likely on any ship, other than a HAL ship, they wouldn’t know what it even is.
Now, I’m either going to smoke a cigarette to use, or just play with it, or go to sleep.
Clock’s go forward one hour tonight, so I think sleep is going to win out.
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