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Default May 9-16 Daily Virtual Cruise Reports from the Veendam

Beginning Sunday May 9 I'll be filing daily stories live from the Veendam, as we sail from NY to Bermuda.

Join with me to share one of my favorite things; getting to sail out past the Statue of Liberty.

I've never sailed this itinerary before; only having stopped in Bermuda for a 1 day port visit, during a transatlantic crossing. So you can discuss Bermuda with me, and leave tips here of what I shouldn't miss on this visit.

Just post any questions about the ship, Bermuda, or HAL and I'll do my very best to get answers.

Otherwise.. just "cruise along" with me and share the fun with me, and we'll see what trouble I can stay out. Mrs. Kuki isn't coming along to take care of me, and honestly when I travel without her, I do seem to get caught up in some mis-adventures.

Stay near the phone honey. I may have to call for bail money

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