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Default Tipping

The "tippin" subject came up numerous times on our just completed 38 day Holland America crusie to South America. Holland America has raised the daily rate to $11.00 per passenger howver the number of staff now sharing in that "tip pool" has increased. It used to be waiter, bus boy and cabin attendant. The real problem with "tip pooling" is that you as a passenger will more than likely see more than one waiter or bus boy especialaly on HA for the "anytime dining". We had the same waiter for about 50% of the time on this cruise and his service was excellant, therefore we gave him a very nice "extra" at the end of the crusie. We had the same bus boy for only about 25% of the time and since his service was excellant we gave him some extra.We noticed around us that no other passenger gave him any additional tip. He was most apprecitive of our tip. On room service we usually give $1 or $2 and the waiters always seem to appreciate it. We decided to ask one what his expierence was and he told us most people don't give him anything. By the way he also participates in the $11 per day "tip pool". We left no tip in the "pay to eat" dining room as there was a service charge of $20 already imposed on the meal. The bartenders get an extra 15% tip added to the on board bill when you order. We were a little disappointed when we learned that the "tip pool" covered some additonal emplyees. Your wine steward will get the 15% tip added onto your cabin bill for the wine. In addition to those people I have mentioned, expect to tip the people who take you on shore tours. We noticed that about 50% of the people on tours tip with the amount being from $1 to $5 per persos. Some folks don't tip these people at all. Also on this cruise there were a lot of docks in industrial sections of the port and the cruise ship or the port offered a "free" shuttle bus from the ship to the dock entrance. The drivers of these shuttles expect a ip and in many cases there was a basket full of $1 bills so you would not miss seeing they expected a tip. Now my TIP to you. Take along a stack of $1 or $2 bills so you will have change to provide those tips.
Bill A. Belt
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